Day: October 1, 2019

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Get to know Tambla’s Time & Attendance Management Software Technology

Attendance is not just about employee attendance data. This system is also made to be managed which will be useful for management to make decisions or policies. For this reason, there is a special system for managing attendance, commonly called Time & Attendance Management.

Time & Attendance Management holds great relevance to productivity in the workplace and the profitability of the organization. Tracking employee attendance can help companies grow and develop in their respective business domains.

As technology develops, Time & Attendance Management can also be done through software. This is an application specifically designed to manage company attendance data for which operations are more optimal because it can be done automatically.

One of the providers of Attendance Management software is Tambla. As a provider of Human Resource Information System services, Tambla provides Time & Attendance Management software with advantages that are needed by the company.

Time & Attendance Management Software Technology from Tambla has many advantages. The system offered makes it easy to manage employee absences both those who have fixed working hours and those who are a shift. Existing components can also be adjusted to the needs of each company. The addition of components in the system related to company policies such as tolerance for delays, salaries, flexible working hours, etc. is possible.

For HRD, the use of Time & Attendance Management Software from Tambla is also very helpful. They can manage employee absence data more accurately because it is automatic. This accuracy value is very important because … Read More