How to Maintain a Healthy Body to Stay Healthy

Maintain a healthy body while in a pandemic situation and condition like this is an important thing to do. Do not let us ignore and do not care about the condition of the body properly. If you don’t care about the condition of your body’s health, it could be that you will be vulnerable to several diseases that are around us. To anticipate it, you have to do some things that can make your body healthier and fit again. Here are some ways to maintain a healthy body to stay in shape

healthy body

1. Eat Lots of Vegetables

Immunity in the body will be easily obtained from the support of the body that consumes lots of vegetables. Eating vegetables can help increase protein levels in the body. That way, the protein content will increase the immune system in the body more optimally. Especially for those of you who consume green vegetables, … Read More

Leaderless Teams

In our current climate of continued uncertainty where organisational and societal structures are being challenged, I’m coming across an increasing number of teams who are without formal leaders in the traditional sense of the word.

Whether this be a result of re-structure, substantive roles not being replaced at this time or difficultly in securing the right talent for the role it’s creating some interesting situations in terms of team dynamics.

Team leadership has traditionally been understood through the role of a ‘team leader’, a role where the leader holds a formal position of authority over a group of individuals united in a collective purpose. There are many, many theories, books and articles available on what effective leadership looks like which are all interesting if leadership is present but what if it isn’t? Where does that leave the team?

Team as a system

Working on the premise that a team is … Read More

Want Instant Eyelashes? First Understand the Difference between Keratin Eyelash Lifting and Ordinary Eyelash Lifting

To look good, many things will be done by men and women. Starting from using make-up to doing maintenance. But sometimes, some people find it difficult to apply make-up every day. I want to wake up, my face is instant, but not much effort.

Well, one of the more popular treatments lately is eyelash extensions Bondi. Starting from the most popular namely connecting eyelashes with eyelash extension treatments to lift with eyelash removal techniques. Similar to removing eyelashes, there is also a treatment called keratin eyelash removal. Then what’s the difference? Let’s look at the following review!

1. Equally lifting eyelashes, eyelash lifting, and keratin eyelash lifting have a slight difference

Eyelash Lifting is a refinement of the eyelash curling technique. The trick is to remove the method by attaching eyelashes to thick silicone adhesive. While keratin eyelash lifting also uses the same method of removal, but with the … Read More