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Surrogate embryo transfer procedure: An Overview of the Process

Unfortunately, many couples nowadays cannot have children. Some women have several unexplained miscarriages; others have problems with uterus or serious diseases that make pregnancy contraindicated.

Unfortunately, many couples nowadays cannot have children. Some women have several unexplained miscarriages; others have problems with uterus or serious diseases that make pregnancy contraindicated. Anyway, it is important for every couple to enjoy the feeling of parenthood. Therefore, more and more people start applying to the best international IVF clinics for surrogacy services. At the same time, many couples have no idea about the whole process of surrogate embryo transfer.

Surrogate Embryo Transfer Procedure

Surrogacy IVF can be carried out in several ways depending on the health condition of both partners. Three main cases can be observed:

  • When both partners have healthy cells but a woman cannot have a baby for any other serious reasons, their eggs and sperm will be used exclusively for a surrogate embryo transfer procedure. As a result, a baby will be genetically related to both partners.
  • When female eggs are not productive, donor ones should be used instead, and the sperm belongs to the male. In this case, a baby will be biologically related only to the father.
  • When male sperm cannot fertilize the egg, the donor will be used. Thus, a baby will have a biological and genetic relation only to the mother.

Depending on the situation, it can be a surrogate frozen embryo transfer, for instance, when a woman has frozen her biological material after previous IVF attempts, or if embryo should undergo some tests such as NGS. However, it is preferable to use fresh embryos for transferring.

How the Process Is Going on?

At first, a surrogate embryo transfer procedure requires full examination of both partners, as well as a surrogate. If all tests do not reveal any contraindications, a surrogate needs to synchronize her cycle with a future mother taking special medicine. Then, sperm and eggs will be mixed and cultured in the lab for 3-5 days. A surrogate mother has to take specific medicine to prepare her organism for pregnancy. When everything is ready, an embryo transfer to surrogate mother takes place. In two weeks, she will be tested to find out whether the process was successful or not.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in the Ukraine?

In Ukraine surrogacy services are considered one of the most high-quality and legally provided. At the same time, they are rather cheap compared to other European clinics. The packages of surrogacy in Ukraine cost approximately in the range of €35000-40000. It is estimated that an average surrogacy cost in Ukraine is 85% lower than in other countries. However, it does not influence the quality of services.… Read More

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What Do You Need to Know About Pediatric Dentistry?

Why are forward-minded parents frantically searching for a good pediatric dentist in NYC? The fact is that today more and more dentists believe that to solve global problems with teeth, it’s necessary to focus on pediatric dentistry.

Why are forward-minded parents frantically searching for a good pediatric dentist in NYC? The fact is that today more and more dentists believe that to solve global problems with teeth, it’s necessary to focus on pediatric dentistry. There are 2 especially challenging issues in pediatric dentistry – ill-health prevention and orthodontics. You can’t but agree that adequate oral hygiene, timely caries treatment, and regular visits to a pediatric orthodontist who will observe how a child’s jaw grows will eliminate most dental problems in adult life. Let’s discuss how to achieve it.

Starting from an early age

It is easier to correct malocclusion and other problems, associated with teeth, in childhood. As well as to instill good habits like dental care. The aim of pediatric orthodontics and prevention is to monitor the compliance of a child’s development with certain patterns of tooth growth and, if it suddenly deviates from the proper course, to regulate and guide it in the right direction.

Conclusion: absolutely every child from the age of 4–6 years should be observed by a competent dentist. In that way, we can prevent many problems.

Teaching your child not to be afraid of a dentist

How to form a positive attitude towards dentistry in a child so that the kid wouldn’t be afraid of visits to the doctor? There may be several solutions to this issue. The main thing is to behave naturally and to slowly accustom the baby to visits to a good doctor who treats his or her teeth. Don’t panic since that’s easily read by children, albeit unconsciously.

High-level specialists will certainly be able to make sure that a little fellow is comfortable in their clinic and in no case scared. For example, at we have learned that there is the concept of an adaptive visit, when a child comes to the clinic to meet a doctor for the first time. The kid can examine any dental devices, ride on a dental chair, or form a ball from medical material, while his nails or teeth can be polished between this and then. And the kid is likely to agree gladly when his parents offer him to go to the doctor next time.

Giving a lead

Even if a child has already formed a negative attitude towards dentists, this can be changed. You need to break the stereotype through your personal example, taking the child to a clinic with you and explaining that mom or dad needs to solve some problems with teeth.

Find a pediatric dentist who you trust and hold on to the pro!… Read More

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Get to know Tambla’s Time & Attendance Management Software Technology

Attendance is not just about employee attendance data. This system is also made to be managed which will be useful for management to make decisions or policies. For this reason, there is a special system for managing attendance, commonly called Time & Attendance Management.

Time & Attendance Management holds great relevance to productivity in the workplace and the profitability of the organization. Tracking employee attendance can help companies grow and develop in their respective business domains.

As technology develops, Time & Attendance Management can also be done through software. This is an application specifically designed to manage company attendance data for which operations are more optimal because it can be done automatically.

One of the providers of Attendance Management software is Tambla. As a provider of Human Resource Information System services, Tambla provides Time & Attendance Management software with advantages that are needed by the company.

Time & Attendance Management Software Technology from Tambla has many advantages. The system offered makes it easy to manage employee absences both those who have fixed working hours and those who are a shift. Existing components can also be adjusted to the needs of each company. The addition of components in the system related to company policies such as tolerance for delays, salaries, flexible working hours, etc. is possible.

For HRD, the use of Time & Attendance Management Software from Tambla is also very helpful. They can manage employee absence data more accurately because it is automatic. This accuracy value is very important because it will affect the payroll value of each employee.


The main features of the Time & Attendance Management Software from Tambla are as follows:

Data Collection

With easy integration into existing time tools and automatic data collection, we give you insight when needed.


Award Interpretation

Recognize that interpreting conditions and rules manually is time-consuming and complicated.


Payroll Integration

Make payroll systems out of software and also eliminate the need for manual intervention and reduce human error.

And there are still many others, depending on your request, maximizing company performance is a must, to advance the company and make it easier for management and company reports, visit


 … Read More

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Are Workplace Wellness Programmes Worth The Investment?

When it comes to companies who devote time and money towards workplace wellness programmes, surely they benefit from happier and healthier employees?

The benefits of helping employees with their health and wellness may seem nebulous, but research surrounding the issue has shown that there doesn’t tend to be a huge return on the companies investment. But, despite this, many companies still offer health and wellness programmes to their employees and these still prove to be popular.

So, is it worth investing in an employee wellness programme for your company? Before you launch or redesign a health and wellness programme, there are things you should consider.

Why Devote Money and Resources to Workplace Wellness?

Traditionally, workplace wellness programmes are focused on containing costs, which is often their main reason for existing. But, it can be difficult to measure an ROI as workplace wellness programmes tend to vary from company to company, with very different levels of investment from the employer and the involvement of employees.

Over the years, research has produced conflicting reports as to whether wellness programmes in the workplace actually work and reduce employees insurance and compensation claims, but a recent study looked at the possibility that wellness programmes are underrated and are a valuable asset for both the employer and employee.

Rewards Other Than Savings

As wellness programmes continue to expand into more businesses and companies, more people are beginning to understand the broader range of rewards which come from such programmes. Businesses, in particular, have started to recognise that when employee wellness programmes are implemented, they lead to increased productivity levels, fewer sick days and a lower employee turnover rate.

Due to this, more companies have decided that taking some course of action when it comes to employee health and wellness programmes are worth it, as it is likely to curb healthcare and sickness costs when compared to taking no action.

Contributing to a Happier and Healthier Workplace Culture

A workplace wellness programme can play a huge role in promoting your company’s culture of health as well as productivity and improving your employee’s quality of life. Having a workplace health programme in place can also help you to compete for top talent in your field, whilst encouraging healthy lifestyle choices within the workplace. When you show your staff that you care about them and their wellbeing, especially when it may be beyond what they contribute to your company, then they are much happier.

How to Further Employee Wellness

There are many ways in which companies can further the health and wellness of their employees and benefit from the mutual benefits that they offer. If you want to promote healthy eating, then you could set up regular fruit deliveries to the office. Many offices also offer water coolers in order to keep their employees hydrated, which then reduces the number of illnesses and headaches.

If you want to improve the wellness of your employees, then consider flexible working hours or set up a corporate gym membership. You could … Read More

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How Cannabinoids affect our Health.


There’s a lot of talk about the medical value of Cannabis.What are endocannabinoids and how marijuana impacts our organism?  First of all let’s start by saying that our body makes its own cannabinoids.Our bodies produce some acids (anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol) and  we also possess some special endocannabinoid ( they are called CB-1 and CB-2 ) receptors that interact with our endogenous cannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is classified as a neurotransmitter system, and  has ancient origins.

The endocannabinoids are mainly responsible for getting people high when it interacts with THC. The CB-1 receptor is found in our brains and neural system and is responsible for motor control and behavioral responses while the CB-2 is located throughout our body, and concentrated in several organs and our immune system. It affects our digestion and how our immune system responds to illnesses and pain.We are able to feel the effects of cannabis because our bodies already have similar compounds aka endogenous cannabinoids or endocannabinoids. But as we said, the ECS is not just there to make you enjoy smoking weed, it’s a vital part of the body. We may use to imagine only bongs when we hear about Cannabis, but science proves that there is a lot more than that.

The most important cannabinoids are THC and CBD, which are the ones that interact most uniquely with the ECS. When THC interacts with CB-1 generates the “high effect” while CBD that interacts with CB-2 creates no psychoactive results.

The human experience has studied the cannabinoids effects. Although Cannabis is currently recognized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 as a Schedule I controlled substance many medical clinics offer legal marijuana for its many positive effects on diseases and Cannabis use for medical purposes is legal in most of the States of America. It has been proven that migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and related conditions represent clinical eCB (endocannibinoids) deficiency syndromes (CEDS). In human studies, eCB system deficiencies have been implicated in schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis (MS), Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, anorexia, and chronic motion sickness. Since all of these diseases and disorders stem from a lack of endocannabinoids, it stands to reason (though hasn’t been scientifically proven) that ingesting cannabinoids could help alleviate symptoms and possibly cure problems.

CBD is considered a great pain aid (both chronic and neuropathic) and it seems to have a high value for therapies including the use as antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective. Preliminary clinical trials suggest that also may have a therapeutic effect against epilepsy, insomnia, and social anxiety disorder.

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