Easy and natural way to care for hair, for dry hair, hair loss, and dandruff

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Having beautiful hair, fertile, combed softly, also healthy, is the desire of all men and women. This can indeed be obtained from using shampoo products on the market, but you must have more so that the health of your hair can reach its maximum point.

The key to caring for the best hair is only by using the services of Bondi hair salon. Bondi hair salon using a Keune shampoo that is claimed to be able to provide the ability to repair hair in a short time will not be effective if not used regularly.

Here we will review how to treat the hair with natural ingredients.

How to treat dry hair

For those who want to solve hair problems or loss, outside treatment is not enough. It must be balanced with hair fertilizing nutrition. Here is how to treat hair loss to be fertile and thick.


1. Treat with guava leaf tonic

The first way to treat hair loss is with guava leaf tonic that you can make yourself, guava leaf tonic is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, and iron which is good for hair health also contains analgesics, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidants. Make a tonic from a handful of guava leaves boiled with air. Spray on the scalp after shampooing and massage.

2. Wear an onion and garlic mask

Natural ingredients can also be a way to treat hair loss. This time you can make a mask from garlic and onion essence. Shallots are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and sulfur. Garlic contains copper and iron which are essential for hair growth.

3. Take hair fertilizing supplements

The last way to deal with hair loss is to fertilize it from the inside. Reported by Vitamin E-Store, biotin supplements (vitamin B7), vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, selenium, lycopene, lysine, and fish oil can help hair growth and help overcome hair loss.

How to treat dry hair

Dry hair is usually more easily damaged. This greatly reduces the moisture in the hair shaft. The problem is some people do have a type of hair from birth. Then how to treat dry and rough hair?

Below are some tips and ways to treat dry hair.

1. Choosing the Right Shampoo

You need a shampoo with the right backup to help save and treat skin free from dandruff-free from oil. That is one of the causes of bankruptcy is unclean and poorly maintained heads. Well, what you need for your scalp is Keune Anti Fall Hair Shampoo that contains Argan Creme, honey oil, argan oil, ZPT, and lightening hair.

The first way to treat dry hair is with a conditioner. If your hair is dry, then the conditioner is a product that must be used after shampooing.

Keune address head and hair problems with the best formula.

Argan, which is known to be taken from the Moroccan tree of life, is a natural ingredient for moisturizing skin and hair. Using the formula contained in Keune Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo helps hair comfort, improves dull hair, and makes hair look shiny and feels soft.

2. Hair mask

The second way to treat hair is with a hair mask or hair mask. Treat hair with instant masks or who use natural ingredients regularly, once a week. Choose those that contain extra moisturizers such as honey, yogurt, and olive oil.

3. Wrap the hair

The third way to treat hair is to use a hair wrap. After shampooing, wrap your wet hair in a towel for 1-2 hours. After that, remove the towel and let it dry as usual. Hair will feel softer instantly.

4. Use hair vitamins

The last way to treat hair is to apply hair vitamins to your hair. Hair vitamin oil after every shampoo and before a hairdryer can help relax dry, coarse hair.

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