Maintaining Healthy Body in the Rainy Season

Maintaining a healthy body is very important, especially in the rainy season which tends to make the body susceptible to disease. Many people get colds and coughs because the body experiences thermoregulation to adjust to new temperatures and climates. If you don’t want to get sick, then the best prevention is necessary. One of them is maintaining a good diet and adjusting clothes to keep the body warm. Here are some tips to keep your healthy body in the rainy season:

Healthy Body

Pay attention to food intake

To maintain health, it is necessary to pay attention to the intake of food consumed, including vegetables and fruit. Various types of vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, spinach, cabbage and others contain high fiber, vitamins and minerals. Healthy habits by regularly consuming vegetables every day have good benefits for health, including being able to increase the immune system which keeps the healthy body and not susceptible to disease.

Stay Active

To keep the healthy body in the rainy season is to get used to staying active or exercising. Even though it’s rainy season, don’t necessarily make yourself sluggish and just lazing in bed. There are many ways you can do to stay active even if only at home. The easy way is to do homework, and various other activities that can help keep the body active. Doing exercise regularly even in the rainy season will provide so many benefits that can be learned from healthy habits. Exercise can reduce stress, prevent inflammation and chronic disease and increase white blood cells that help the body fight colds, flu and coughs that often strike in the rainy season.

Stay away from stress

Everyone can avoid stress by managing it well, for example by practicing yoga or meditation. In addition, stress will shrink nerve cells or brain neurons that trigger depression. Not only that, when stress occurs, stress hormones will increase and become toxic to nerves and other organs, resulting in decreased immunity, heart problems, to stroke. Therefore, avoid stress and try to face problems with a cool and calm mind to avoid the risk of disease.

Consumption of Vitamins as Complementary

Apart from paying attention to healthy and regular food intake, to avoid the risk of getting sick in the rainy season is to consume vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin D. Vitamin C is a type of vitamin the body needs to help strengthen the immune system.

Sufficient Sleep Needs

In a study found facts showing that someone who gets enough sleep for 8 hours every day shows greater resistance to viruses than those who sleep less. One reason is because when you sleep your body releases cytokine hormones that can help the body fight infection by regulating the immune system. Therefore, a good night’s sleep with adequate sleep is very important in maintaining the immune system.