Tips for Maintaining Health During the Rainy Season That Needs to Be Done

As we already know, near the end of the year until the beginning of the rainy month in most regions in Indonesia. Moreover, with the flood disaster that struck most of the cities. It is undeniable to maintain good health during the rainy season. There will be many diseases that come during the rainy season, ranging from influenza, DHF, typhus, and many more. Well, so you avoid the above disease, you should do the following 3 things to maintain a healthy body when the rainy season arrives.


Always Provide Umbrellas & Raincoats

For those of you who are traveling by public transportation, tips on maintaining health during the first rain is to always provide umbrellas & raincoats, even when you want to leave the house the sun looks bright, but we do not know that later it could rain heavily. To avoid you experiencing the risk of flu and fever, you should never leave the two items, yes.
Maintain a regular and adequate intake of fluids

According to the Ministry of Health, it is better that during the rainy season you have to maintain a regular diet to stay healthy during the rainy season. Keep in mind that nutritional intake is one of the most important aspects for endurance, you know. If you lack nutrition, your immune system will decrease, so that there will be many diseases that easily enter and develop, especially during the rainy season.

Make sure you eat food regularly, from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Also try, if you eat healthy foods, avoid consuming greasy or fried foods, yes. In addition to maintaining a regular diet, you also need to fulfill your body’s water needs and consume at least 2 liters of water a day, so you don’t get dehydrated.

Take a Warm Shower & Maintain Cleanliness

Tips for maintaining health during the last rainy season that is taking a warm bath. Many people are exposed to rain when returning home. After being trapped in the rain, in order to increase our body temperature, you should immediately rinse the body and take a shower with warm water.

Not only warms the body, this method is also able to help us to get rid of germs and protect our bodies from infections. In addition to a warm bath, you also need to always maintain cleanliness. Do not forget to always maintain the cleanliness of your environment, starting from cleaning the bedroom, toilet, yard, and other rooms so as not to become a den of bacteria that cause disease.